Is it safe to book on

Travelgam is a search engine. To book your flight we redirect you to a 3rd party provider. All providers displayed can be trusted.

Do I find the cheapest rates on travelgam?

We work with top companies like Kiwi and Skyscanner to offer you the cheapest rates online. If you find a cheaper rate email us at hello@travelgam and we will make sure they are added.

Do you charge any fees?

Travelgam is free to use and we will never charge you any fees.

What do the color ranges mean?

We have a 4 colour scale to help you easily find the cheapest and more expensive rates. We rank them from cheapest = green to more expensive = Red

I don’t see prices:

Travelgam searches only Direct flights. If the search didn’t show any rates is because there are no direct flights for the search you made. If are certain there is a direct flight operating that route contact us at and will make sure the route is added.

What do the prices on the calendar mean?

Prices in the calendar are the cheapest 2-way ticket for the route searched. If you click the rate you will be able to see all the combinations available for those days and different prices for each one.

Do flight prices include Taxes and Fees?

All flight prices on Trevelgam include applicable taxes and fees. Exceptions to this are any optional fees like checked baggage or airlines that charge for seat selection, pet accommodation, etc. These types of add-ons will have to be arranged separately with your airline. Curious to know which sorts of fees an airline might charge?

When I get redirected to a provider's website the currency is different:

Travelgam lets you choose any currency you like to view prices and compare flights, but some airline and travel agent websites will only show their prices or allow payment in a limited number of currencies. If these flights are shown on Travelgam, you should be able to book them. Please bear in mind that if you pay for a flight in a currency that’s different from the currency your bank or card issuer uses, the currency conversion will be done by your bank or credit card company. They may use a different exchange rate to Travelgam, and may charge commission. You should contact your bank if you want to find out about the exchange rate that will apply to you.

How do I search for a one way flight?

Travelgam searches only 2-way flights but we will shortly be adding more searches capabilities. To keep updated about new features and fonctionalities signup to our newsletter here

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